Francesca Roccaforte

I having been producing digital land and seascape photography for several years and wanted to study and photograph more details in the natural element such as flowers, rocks, feathers etc. I needed a sharp macro lens with good detail and bokeh which this grant enabled me to purchase along with Photoshop to edit and enhance my photos. Myself and others are very pleased with my new portfolio of macro flower photography. I have been selling them to friends in my community. Only some galleries have reopened due to the pandemic and I am planning future exhibitions of this body of work.

My disability (LD) informs my work simply because I see the world through a different lens both spatially and geometrically, lines, and shapes and minute details that many people miss or ignore. This has a calming effect on me as well as others who enjoy my photographs.

My career has grown as an artist because photography replenishes my energy as does visiting gardens and open space where I explore the natural world. It really is a great comfort in these Covid 19 times of social isolation, grief, and anxiety. My photo practice is a meditation and soothing to my mind, body, and soul.