Corey Mann

Veteran Success

Hello, Im a disabled Veteran that likes to do art as therapy to help unlock some suppressed emotions and be in the NOW. My art has literally saved my life all through my life looking back. This outlet for my imagination was my calling. My art work has progressed as I heal more from a horrible childhood to my experiences in Iraq. The trauma torn me apart. The art puts the pieces back together.

My disability gives me creative insights. A TBI and PTSD from a Bomb blast in Iraq by the bad guys (3) of them in a gray van. Has been documented. Since my Mind is already going a mile a minute with the pre frontal cortex firing all the time. When I go my art I can wither use the mind fire or get into the flow. Pretty much I lost my mind a couple time in my life and it was awesome. Away from ego and trauma something was able to emerge in me and come out.

Since getting an Art Grant for some supplies I was able to get out of my house and sell some art work and prints on the first Friday of every month at art of the walls in downtown Temecula. Was really cool to see my daughter help me.

I also build a website that sells my Framed Prints on an ecommerce website. I have sold a couple of originals. Things are looking good. Sometimes trauma burns off what your not and leaves you with something beautiful inside.