Cicely Ames

My Name is Cicely Ames, I live in Northern California. The specific project that I worked on was to launch my own apron business. I had worked on my apron business for 3 years. I just needed the money to start it up. The grant money helped me launch my business and it also helped me with vending at the Trinidad Indie Craft Fair as the owner of Monster Aprons. The money helped with getting a business license, fictitious business name, and business account. It gave me the opportunity to develop my networking skills and better my business tactics. My project helped me with money handling skills.

My disability helps me stay focused on my specific project. I work at my own pace. It helps me set my own schedule and be my own boss. This project has also helped to build my confidence and experience.

I get a lot of compliments on my aprons, and make sales. Someone based near San Diego saw my name, saw that I make aprons, and asked questions about my business. I was invited to set up a Monster Aprons display in a local business window. I had a walk-in that saw my aprons and commissioned me to make an apron for her. Through this project, I’ve been able to explore more vending opportunities, and meet really cool people.