Max Gray CHAMP Research

Treatment Research

The philosophy of the UCLA Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Clinic is to enhance clinical care for children, teens, and young adults and their families by conducting state-of-the-art treatment studies.

Max Gray CHAMP is currently looking for families interested in family-focused treatment. Recruitment is also open for our teen therapy groups that teach cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness skills for mood and stress. Parents receive expert coaching and guidance in a parallel group. There is no cost for talk therapies delivered as part of research studies and thus insurance is not required.

Please visit the Research Projects links below or contact Sam Frey at (310) 825-4354 if interested in treatment studies.

Non-Treatment Research

Max Gray CHAMP is also recruiting young adult volunteers for our studies aimed at better understanding mood disorders and related factors. These studies do not involve active clinical treatment and participation length varies from one visit to greater involvement.

Please visit the Research Projects links below or contact Georga Morgan-Fleming at (310) 267-4901 if interested in non-treatment studies.

Featured Studies

Family Focused Therapy with Mobile App

Families in this study will be provided with Family Focused Therapy, a family intervention that has been shown in clinical trials to significantly aid youth with mood and stress challenges and their caregivers. The present study aims to learn how mobile technology enhances Family Focused Therapy for youth at risk for chronic mood difficulties. Sessions involve the teen (13-19) and relevant caregivers and siblings learning information, building key skills, and developing a prevention action plan. Family Focused Therapy was developed by Max Gray CHAMP Director David Miklowitz and colleagues.

Project Contact: Samantha Frey (310) 825-4354

More information: Family Therapy Study

Mood Changes and Immune Functioning in Young Adults with Mood Disorders

This study was developed to utilize a new voice recognition technology that tracks mood changes over time in individuals with a mood disorder. Participants will call into an Interactive Voice Response wellness journal to answer questions about how they are doing and feeling. In addition to the weekly phone calls, participants will complete two to three blood draws.

Project Contact: Georga Morgan-Fleming (310) 267-4901

More information: Immune Study