The Max Gray Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Program provides diagnostic evaluations, second opinion consultation, and short-term treatments (medication management and various forms of psychotherapy) for youth who have symptoms of significant and impairing mood disorders and their families. The Program’s focus is on pediatric bipolar disorder (extreme high and low moods). We will see children from age 7 years to 17 yrs, 11 mos.

Our diagnostic evaluation is given in two parts: an interview with a licensed clinician, generally a clinical psychologist (usually two sessions), and a meeting with a child psychiatrist for a psychiatric evaluation, including consideration for medical treatments (third session). Depending on the conclusions of the combined team evaluation, treatment recommendations may include medication treatment and psychosocial therapy sessions involving family education and skill training. Some clients of Max Gray CHAMP may be offered participation in research studies as well.

The clinic is open to all patients (UCLA and non-UCLA affiliated). Most insurance plans are accepted.
Please call us at (310) 825-2836 for an appointment.

Feel free to post a question and look for our answer (usually within 1-2 days) on the blog to your right. We particularly welcome questions about bipolar disorder that will benefit a wide readership. Please note that we can't recommend changes to an individual child's medication or therapy regimen unless we have had a chance to evaluate him or her first.

What is a Mood Disorder?

Young people with major depression or bipolar disorder may have any or all of the following challenges, for periods of a week or more:

  • Frequent mood changes from irritable to overly cheerful to depressed or anxious
  • Pessimistic thinking
  • Sleep irregularity or disturbance
  • Changes in energy or activity (from excessively active to extremely slow)
  • Easily tired
  • Changes in weight or appetite
  • Speaking rapidly or jumping topics
  • Involvement in risky activities
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Trouble concentrating or being easily distracted
  • Trouble functioning at school or home