Forensic Psychiatry


This 8-week rotating course provides forensic training on-site at the Edelman Children's Court and other Juvenile Court related facilities including both the Dependency and Delinquency brances of the Juvenile Court. During this time, residents have the opportunity to observe legal procedures in one of the busiest juvenile justice systems in the country. They also will work as consultants to the court, evaluating medication requests for children who are wards and dependents of the court, and writing reports of such evaluations. Residents also may have the opportunity to testify in court, depending on the nature and timing of the court. Course is offered continuously throughout the year, Thursdays, 1 - 5 p.m., Edelman's Child Court. Prerequisite: Child psychiatry fellows with consent of instructor.



Child Psychiatry fellows with consent of instructor

Dates and Availability

Duration: Continuously throughout the year, 8-week rotating

Planned Days: Thursday

Planned Terms: Year Round


Room: Edelman's Child Court

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