Clone of Evaluation of and Advanced Topics in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ND)


This course provides advanced training in the clinical care of youth and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions (ND), including ASD. The overall goal is to equip trainees with the specialty skills to competently provide clinical care for the growing needs of this complex population, including co-occurring psychiatric, neurologic, and medical conditions. Diagnostic assessment and intervention approaches based on current best practice parameters and recent advancements in research serve as the foundations for the direct training experiences that include case observation and provision of clinical care under the supervision of our multidisciplinary clinical faculty who have expertise in ND. Training in the provision of clinical care is provided from the specialties of psychiatry, clinical psychology, and neurology in ND and ASD. Clinical training includes gaining further competency in the knowledge of and implementation of clinical services from within a specific discipline and from a multidisciplinary approach in evaluating and treating youth and adults across functioning levels. Treatment skills include providing pharmacotherapies and non-medication based interventions (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy). Assessment skills are focused on brief, focused evaluations on presenting concerns to efficiently develop case conceptualizations, differential diagnoses, and personalized recommendations for care. In addition, skills in evaluating and developing recommendations for care are also done in a multidisciplinary context. 


  • Advanced trainees will be able to competently provide clinical care for youth and adults across functioning levels with ND, including ASD, in their area of specialty.
  • Gain competency in differential diagnosis and providing care within an integrated care model
  • Become familiar with diagnostic assessments (e.g., instruments) and intervention approaches, best practice parameters, and current evidence-based interventions will also be expected.

 James McCracken, M.D. 
Amanda Gulsrud, Ph.D. 
Benjamin Schneider, M.D. 
Rujuta Bhatt, M.D.
Shafali Spurling Jeste, M.D.
Derek Ott, M.D. 
Brandon Ito, M.D. 
Rujuta Bhatt, M.D. 
Jena Lee, M.D.
Patricia Renno
Charlotte Distefano
Nicole McDonald
External Instructor(s):  Jena Lee, M.D.

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Duration: 1pm-6pm
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300 Medical Plaza at UCLA

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