Division of Adult Psychiatry

The Division of Adult Psychiatry encompasses comprehensive programs for clinical research, teaching, and treatment for adults suffering from psychiatric illness.

The Division consists of four sections:

  • Anxiety and Trauma
  • Mood Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Behavioral Medicine

Each of these sections provides an integrated program, combining state-of-the-art care for patients with cutting-edge research aimed at the development of enhanced treatment strategies.

The Division provides evaluations for patients suffering new onset of an illness, or who seek consultation about a diagnosis or treatment plan. Urgent evaluation and treatment is provided through the services of the Neuropsychiatric Hospital, while outpatient care is provided by the faculty through the Neuropsychiatric & Behavioral Health Services outpatient clinics. In addition to excellent conventional care, patients have the option of participating in clinical research projects that are aimed at enhancing our basic understanding of the causes of mental illness, or the development of new treatments. In some cases, care may be provided at reduced cost through one of these research projects.

The Division also provides a range of training programs aimed at developing the next generation of clinical researchers. These training programs develop expertise in management of specific illnesses, as well as the skills necessary to become an independent academic researcher. A recently created Post-Doctoral fellowship provides expert, specialized training of future mood disorders experts and answers an important service need. In research productivity, the 12 members of the faculty that comprise the Adult General Division have garnered over $4 million in grants annually.

Director: Michael Gitlin