2015-2016 Teaching Awards

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Award Recipients! 

The Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Psychiatry Teaching Awards are presented annually before the Department of Psychiatry’s Grand Rounds.  Their purpose is to honor excellence in teaching, supervision, mentoring or related instructional activities in a number of categories.  Nominees for each award are selected for their ingenuity, clinical skill, innovation, availability, supportiveness, inspiration, dedication, humanism, patience, respect for diversity, and improvement in the teaching process.


Outstanding Medical Student Teaching

 Eligible candidates are full-time faculty in the department who lecture, supervise or tutor in any of the courses for first or second year medical students or in any of the psychiatry clerkship or medical student electives (including those offered at our V.A. or affiliated medical programs)

Benjamin K.P. Woo, M.D.Woo

Dr. Benjamin Woo is receiving this year’s Outstanding Medical Student Teaching Award. One medical student states that Dr. Woo “has a remarkable ability of striking a balance between allowing me as a student to learn how to independently assess, treat, and manage patients while providing instruction and guidance on how to best provide quality patient care - I neither felt overwhelmed by his supervision nor at a loss of what to do with my patients” Another student writes that “Though he can sometimes be mistaken for one of the residents, after speaking with him you quickly realize his clinical acumen is only equaled by his incredible passion for the field of psychiatry.”

Several students praised his ability stating “His tireless efforts on days off spent in local churches, on the radio airwaves and at various other public forums educating the community about mental health have undoubtedly made an enormous impact on how mental illness is perceived and treated in these populations”

Dr. Woo is constantly enriching medical students’ education; another student writes, “because it is rare that one is reminded of the quote by William Arthur Ward: “Greatness is not found in possession, power, or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service, and character.” Dr. Woo embodies these ideals and it was a pure joy to work alongside him.”

For his compassion, dedication, and initiative in mentoring and providing one-on-one supervision to various students, Dr. Benjamin Woo is most deserving of the 2015-2016 Outstanding Medical Student Teaching Award.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Teaching

Eligible candidates are full-time faculty in the department, who are teaching or supervising in courses listed in the departmental catalogue which is not for medical students or housestaff.

Christopher J. Evans, Ph.D.Evans

Dr. Evans “stands out as one of the very finest teachers we have at UCLA” states a colleague of his. This is one of the many reasons Dr. Evans is receiving the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Teaching Award. He adds, “Where Dr. Evans really differentiates himself from others is in his dedication towards inclusivity and diversity. He values equality, and routinely goes above and beyond to provide opportunities for students from underserved or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

 An assistant professor and co-teacher, states “He wants his students to learn, draw connections between scientific data and real world experiences, with a hope that their foundation in neuroscience will help them to better appreciate the biological underpinnings of their own habits and biases.”

 After agreeing on institutional support, “He instantly realized the potential this course had to help undergraduates gain some teaching experience and so unconditionally offered his support (both logistical and academic), which ultimately helped make it the successful course it is today. It was here that I realized how truly committed he is in fostering undergraduate education”

 For his ability to teach and mentor students of all levels and taking a personal interest in undergraduate’s career trajectory and growth, Dr. Chris Evans is being awarded the 2015-2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Teaching Award.

Outstanding Faculty Housestaff Teaching

Eligible candidates are full-time psychiatry or psychology faculty in the department who are teaching or supervising psychiatric residents or fellows and/or psychology interns assigned to our clinical services (includes psychiatric services at our V.A. or affiliated hospitals).    

Benjamin Schneider, M.D.Schneider

Dr. Benjamin Schneider is receiving this year’s Outstanding Early-Career Faculty Housestaff Teaching Award as “he has beennominated three straight years for this award, which speaks for itself as a testament to his impact on his students.” A colleague writes, “Dr. Schneider’s Socratic style is both challenging and supportive to students, and it is characterized by a humor and warmth that they clearly enjoy.”

Dr. Schneider leaves impressions on others and even had a fellow stating that he, “was extremely excited to learn that he had decided to stay at UCLA as a member of the faculty after he graduated, knowing that I would get the opportunity to formally work with him when I started my child psychiatry fellowship.” Another fellow stated, “he pulls Fellows aside to give career advice, often leaving Fellows with fantastic pearls that will ultimately shape their career trajectory”

“As medical director of the ABC Partial Hospitalization Program, he would frequently go out of his way to provide quality learning opportunities for the fellows and psychology interns, whether it be finding extra time during his busy day to discuss the evidence base for a particular clinical decision, or making a special effort to invite master clinicians to come to the unit and consult on challenging cases with the group”

Dr. Schneider “has a deep fund of knowledge.”  Dr. Schneider, it’s an honor to award the 2015-2016 Outstanding Early-Career Faculty Housestaff Teaching award to you.     

Outstanding Research Mentor      

Eligible candidates are faculty in the department who are directly supervising research projects of housestaff, graduate, or post-doctoral trainees and/or who are providing mentoring to such trainees or to junior faculty (below the rank of associate professor) on research, promotion, or career advancement.

George M. Slavich, Ph.D.Slavich

Dr. George Slavich is the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Research Mentor award. “His managerial style has been one that I’ve admired and look to as a prime example when I have a lab of my own.” states a Medical student. His mentorship lead to, “our first meeting together to discuss my dissertation, his guidance resulted in a major and constructive transformation of my dissertation. George helped me recognize the potential of my proposed study design.”

To add, “George’s work has already been well-recognized and well-awarded (both in terms of accolades and in terms of funding) so for him to take time, money, and effort to carve out opportunities for early career researchers like myself to integrate our research interests into his projects speaks highly of his passion for academic mentorship”

“Dr. Slavich mentors researchers of all levels including college, graduate and medical students, as well as post-doctoral researchers. I can only aspire to mentor future students similarly.” A fellow researcher stated “He is a first-rate scholar making innovative and substantive contributions in his research.  He is also keenly interested in and makes contributions to the teaching role”

It is due to Dr. George Slavich’s expertise, mentorship, and amazing dedication to fostering the careers of the researchers he takes under his wing, that he deserves the 2015-2016 Outstanding Research Mentor Award.

Outstanding Teaching Resident: UCLA Semel Institute

Eligible candidates are residents of the general psychiatric training program who have primary teaching or supervisory responsibilities on their service or clinic for medical students, beginning residents, psychology interns, or other junior house staff or trainees.

Hannah Roggenkamp, M.D.Roggenkamp

Our second recipient for the Outstanding Teaching Resident: UCLA Semel Institute is Dr. Hannah Roggenkamp. She is the Inpatient Chief Resident at Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA as well as the Chief Resident of the West Los Angeles VA 2SAB inpatient psychiatric unit. Witnessing her dedication and commitment to teaching, a student writes, “Her enthusiasm about psych, even down to the fun she had with describing her patient’s appearance on the physical exam was largely responsible for why I am considering pursuing psychiatry as a career now”

Another student who had witnessed Dr. Roggenkamp Lead a group therapy session with veterans, explains, “Patients smiling and ready to start group therapy… It was during this group session that I noticed how Dr.Roggenkamp’s presence alone was a healing force in the lives of her patients. I watched as highly non-verbal patients opened up and shared very personal memories and struggles. I observed Dr.Roggenkamp listen attentively as patients slowly found words to describe their difficult feelings, and watched her skillfully diffuse several heated interactions between patients. During these sessions I came to understand how interrelated the role of physician and teacher truly are and saw how effortlessly Dr.Roggenkamp stepped into both of these roles.”

A faculty writes, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with her closely in the latter capacity, observing her and co-teaching with her on a weekly basis with medical students and residents.  She exemplifies to trainees how much mastery one develops over the course of residency.  As a teacher, she is supportive and enthusiastic, equally comfortable giving an impromptu chalk (whiteboard?) talk, interviewing patients, and providing clinical care.”

For her dedication to teaching and guidance, Dr. Roggenkamp is truly deserving of the 2015-2016 Outstanding Teaching Resident Award.

John H. Lee, M.D., Ph.D.


Dr. John Lee is one of the recipients of the Outstanding Teaching Resident Award for the UCLA Semel Institute. A proud medical student, “He was among the best residents that I have worked with during my third year of medical school”

A medical student writes, “I was not considering psychiatry as a profession until I started working with Dr. Lee on his team at the VA, when he helped me find my voice and uncover an untapped fountain of curiosity within the field of psychiatry that I did not know I had. In addition, Dr. Lee has helped make many of the topics that I once had nightmares about (including pharmacology and complex physical diagnosis), seem incredible approachable, doable and actually exciting.”  Weeks after his second child was born a medical student witness him “Managing the whole floor at the VA as the only intern on 2WCD”

A supervising faculty adds “By direct instruction and by positive example, John demonstrated the evidence-based decision-making and the thoughtful professionalism that I believe inspired the medical students in his charge.  On an interpersonal level, John was consistently warm, conscientious and good humored.”

For his commitment to teaching and guidance, Dr. Lee is truly deserving of the 2015-2016 Outstanding Teaching Resident Award.

Outstanding Teaching Resident: UCLA San Fernando Valley

Eligible candidates are residents of the general psychiatric training program who have primary teaching or supervisory responsibilities on their service or clinic for medical students, beginning residents, psychology interns, or other junior house staff or trainees.

Wilsa M.S. Charles Malveaux, M.D., M.A.Malveaux

Dr. Wilsa Charles Malveaux is the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Resident Award for the UCLA San Fernando Valley site. A colleague writes “She seems to balance her home life, professional endeavors, and continued career interests very well. I’ve watched as she mentored new APA fellows and always takes the time to advise, orient, and encourage those who strive to be successful in this wonderful field of psychiatry. It is imperative to have people in this field who are passionate and able to demonstrate the clinical and personal skills necessary to heal and treat our patients.”   

A fellow resident states, “She is also very open minded, even though she was my senior, I never felt like there was a gap between us. We learned from each other.” Dr. Charles Malveaux is described as “selfless in her actions” sacrificing her own time to make sure students were ready “to present on attending rounds.”

Another fellow colleague states,” It was not until I started helping with interviews for the psychiatry residency that I realized how much of an influence she has on the people she worked with.  There were a few medical students that I interviewed for PGY-1 positions who stated that they were thinking of applying to other specialties, but working with her sparked their interest in psychiatry and thus causing them to decide to apply to the specialty.  To me, this is one of the greatest things that I heard about Dr. Charles Malveaux”

Earning respect from her colleagues not only for her teaching but for her expertise, Dr. Wilsa Charles Malveaux is receiving the 2015-2016 Outstanding Teaching Resident Award: San Fernando Valley

Outstanding Teaching Fellow: UCLA Child Fellowship

Eligible candidates are fellows of an advanced clinical psychiatric training program who have primary teaching or supervisory responsibilities on their service or clinic for medical students, beginning residents, psychology interns, or other junior house staff or trainees.

Misty Richards, M.D., M.S.Richards

Dr. Misty Richards is the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award for the UCLA . A co-resident explains “Misty is the kind of person who effectively instills change by thinking big picture yet knowing when and how to intervene on a smaller scale.  It is these attributes that contribute to her success not only as fellow, or mentor, but as a mother, friend and leader as well.” A clinical social worker has witnessed and stated, “Despite the challenges inherent with providing care in an intensive treatment program, Dr Richards always made a point to not only educate medical students, but also involve them in treatment planning and direct patient care.” Followed by a resident who have stated “I have experienced firsthand, witnessed Misty help others in these ways, and I could never convey how pivotal this has been to my experience as a trainee at UCLA - in my 2 years at UCLA, I am grateful and humbled. I am inspired to serve our academic community in this same way – to become an excellent clinician, and a compassionate educator and mentor. “

A visiting med student writes, “Not only do I believe that the patient and his family made a tremendous amount of progress during his hospitalization, but I also learned an immense amount about doctoring, all thanks to Misty”

A fourth  year adds, “Despite having a busy schedule, she set aside time to teach me one on one about the patients we saw and how to support them and their families during times of hardship. I look up to her as a role model and hope to teach future medical students the art of caring for patients who are suffering as Misty has taught me.”

For her ingenuity in teaching and serving as a role model, Dr. Richards is very much deserving of the 2015-2016 Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award.

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching

Lindsey Bergman, Ph.D.Bergman

Dr. Bergman is this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award.  Dr. Bergman is the Director of the Pediatric OCD Intensive Outpatient Program. An intern writes, “The supportive and genuine atmosphere that Dr. Bergman creates for her patients and trainees is unparalleled in my opinion”. And because of her teaching and commitment to her students, a doctoral student stated that “I have found that my interest in pediatric OCD has deepened because of my participation in the IOP program and Dr. Bergman’s instruction. Because of Dr. Bergman’s enthusiasm for her subject, I have pursued additional training opportunities.”

Through high recommendation an associate director/clinical instructor writes, “Throughout this time, Lindsey stands out as an exceptional faculty member, supervisor, and mentor. She is spoken of very highly by trainees in psychology and psychiatry, and I and other (including senior) members of the department seek her out for clinical supervision and consultation. Moreover, - she is one of the best clinicians I have ever met, and truly changes the lives of our trainees, as well as the youth and families with whom we work.  ”

Not only is her teaching recognized but as she directs the Intensive Outpatient Program, a therapist had stated “I have grown immensely and I owe a great part of that to IOP.” Another writes, “My experience as an IOP therapist was one of the most wonderful and memorable clinical experiences in my training. Members of the group often share a bond that comes from having the same intimate experience with a very challenging disorder and that’s not something a therapist can supply when working individually. IOP is truly unique.”

Outstanding Volunteer Clinical Faculty Teaching                          

Stephen Marmer, M.D.

MarmerDr. Stephen Marmer is receiving this year’s Outstanding Volunteer Clinical Faculty Teaching Award. From a colleague who had co-taught with Dr. Marmer, “I can confidently say that he is a rare breed among teachers. This is because he faithfully challenges his students and pushes them to critically appraise their own beliefs and judgments. He is not interested in winning praise or affection from students, rather, he is interested in motivating his students to ask the often dismissed question: why...”

It is evident to show that Dr. Marmer, “is indeed worthy of this award due to the amount of hours he teaches, the number of years he has taught and the incredibly quality of his teaching.” He consistently gets outstanding evaluations forms from the students. Through evaluation, one stated that, “he would often catch himself and comment that he did not want to dominate the conversation..” but followed with the statement, “you challenged us and that made for a more interesting and realistic discussion. I appreciate that you gave use the respite from the monotony that can exist when we as students are trying to get through the days. Thanks for everything.”

In his years of teaching, Dr. Marmer has inspired both students and faculty. Reassuringly one states, “It seems that his interest is the pursuit of knowledge and awakening of minds for he is not one to become offended or off put. In fact, he invites an intellectual duel!”