Philip Cogen, M.D., Ph.D.


Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Member, Adult Psychiatry

Contact Information

Work Phone Number: (310) 267-4645
(800) 825-9989

Mailing Address:

300 UCLA Medical Plaza
Room 2315
Mail Code 696824
Los Angeles, CA 90095



A selected list of publications:

Rood Brian R, Zhang Huizhen, Cogen Philip H   Intercellular heterogeneity of expression of the MGMT DNA repair gene in pediatric medulloblastoma Neuro-oncology, 2004; 6(3): 200-7.
Voyadzis Jean-Marc, Guttman-Bauman Ines, Santi Mariarita, Cogen Philip   Hypothalamic hamartoma secreting corticotropin-releasing hormone. Case report Journal of neurosurgery, 2004; 100(2 Suppl Pediatrics): 212-6.
MacDonald Tobey J, Rood Brian R, Santi Maria R, Vezina Gilbert, Bingaman Kimberly, Cogen Philip H, Packer Roger J   Advances in the diagnosis, molecular genetics, and treatment of pediatric embryonal CNS tumors The oncologist, 2003; 8(2): 174-86.
Belen Ozlem, Campos Joseph M, Cogen Philip H, Jantausch Barbara A   Postsurgical meningitis caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica The Pediatric infectious disease journal, 2003; 22(4): 380-1.
Rood Brian R, Zhang Huizhen, Weitman David M, Cogen Philip H   Hypermethylation of HIC-1 and 17p allelic loss in medulloblastoma Cancer research, 2002; 62(13): 3794-7.