Nanthia Suthana, Ph.D.


Member, Neuroscience GPB Home Area

Assistant Professor In-Residence, Neurosurgery

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Office Phone Number: (310) 794-4021

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300 Stein Plaza Ste 562
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Nanthia Suthana is an assistant professor of psychiatry, neurosurgery and bioengineering, Associate Director of the Neuromodulation Division in the Jane and Terry Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA and the Associate Director of Outreach at the UCLA Brain Research Institute. Dr. Suthana’'s primary research focus is on the neural basis of human learning and memory. She combines single-neuron and local field potential recordings with deep brain stimulation and high-resolution structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in human participants with implanted electrodes. Her lab is the first to combine freely moving virtual reality and motion tracking in human participants with implanted depth electrodes. The lab also investigates neural changes underlying successful learning and memory and develops non-invasive methods for improving cognitive function using transcranial magnetic stimulation guided by high-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging. The lab includes members with diverse backgrounds in neuroscience, physics, electrical engineering, bioengineering, psychology, and computer science and has ongoing collaborations with the department of engineering to develop a novel wireless neuroprosthetic device for treatment of neuropyschiatric disorders. Her research currently works towards the development of a computational model that can be incorporated into neuroprosthetic devices used to restore function in afflicted patients. Dr. Suthana completed her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at UCLA and her postdoctoral fellowship in UCLA Neurosurgery before joining faculty. Dr. Suthana also spends part of her time teaching undergraduate courses on Neuroanatomy, Introduction to Signal Processing, Cognitive Neuroscience, Learning and Memory, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Introductory Psychobiology. She is currently the Ruth and Raymond Stotter chair in Neurosurgery, a recipient of the Joseph Drown Foundation Friends Scholar Award and a NIH Brain Inititative grant in support of her work.


A selected list of publications:

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