Melvin Mandel

Melvin Mandel was the first president of PCFA and has served on the PCFA Board of Directors ever since. He has been a model of active, consistent participation in the UCLA teaching program. Without his leadership, it is unlikely that any of the myriad contributions that PCFA makes to the training of psychiatric residents, child psychiatry fellows and medical students would have come to pass. He has been a mentor to many younger colleagues, including at least two who went on to become PCFA Presidents.

On October 29, 2011 Dr. Mandel became the first recipient of the Melvin Mandel Award at PCFA’s Annual Meeting. That award will carry his name in perpetuity to exemplify the kind of excellence towards which he has guided the UCLA psychiatric clinical faculty and its trainees in his six decades here.

Education: BS 1943, MD 1945, Tulane University

Psychiatric residency 1948-1950, University of Buffalo

Psychoanalytic training 1950-1951 Pontiac State Hospital

UCLA Faculty 1953-present


Substantial and consistent teaching and administrative roles. About 30 years ago, Dr. Mandel worked with Drs. Milton Greenblatt and Fritz Redlich at VA Hospitals Sepulveda and Brentwood, heading the psychiatric rehabilitation service and conducting seminars and rounds. He also conducted a lecture series for all UCLA residents in conjunction with Dr. Steve Marmer with the participation of Dr. Robert Stoller and other UCLA psychiatric faculty.


APA: Dr. Mandel served continuously in local psychiatric organizations. For example, as president of the Southern California Psychiatric Society, he was responsible for the modernization of many SCPS practices.

PSYCHOANALYTIC : Dr. Mandel represented the educational component of the local analytic society at national meetings of the American Psychoanalytic Association. He was also an editor and member of the editorial board of The American Psychoanalyst.

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