Kelsey Maree Dower

My full name is Kelsey Maree Dower, and I’m a symphonic metal performance artist who aspires to create music for video games, films, and animation. When I was diagnosed with mild autism at age 10, I found even more joy in creating and performing music. Even at that age, I embarked on strategic gigs, such as opening for Clay Aiken, and performing at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center at age 12. In high school and college, I performed at venues such as Disneyland’s Candlelight and many collegiate theaters. I’ve been commissioned to compose and arrange music for organizations, large and small. I am currently a music major and music technology minor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Artistic Discipline: 
Performing Arts
I’ve had perfect pitch since I was 18 months old, so I’m self taught in knowing how to play whatever I hear. I’ve earned an associates transfer degree in liberal arts from Santa Ana Community College, and I’m currently enrolled in UNLV as a music major.

My most recent performance was in 2018, when I performed the live version of one of my original pieces called Massacre, at Rio Hondo College’s concert Truth To Power.

Disability type: 
Learning disability
13366 Kiger Mustang Cir., Eastvale, CA 92880
(951) 529-3604