1st UCLA Conference on Mental Health and Aging Videos

1st UCLA Conference on Integrative Medicine and Mental Health Videos

Helen Lavretsky, M.D. Integrative Therapies For Mood And Cognitive Disorders Of Aging

P. Gerbarg And R. Brown. Experiential Workshop: Movement And Breath For Stress Reduction And Management Of Mood And Anxiety Disorder: Hands-on Skills Building

Donna Ames, M.D. Integrative Medicine For Treatment Of Severe Mental Illness

Jenny Tsao, M.D. Management Of Chronic Pain In Cancer: Children And Adults

Ping Ho, MA, MPH - Experiential Panel Presentation On Creative Arts Therapies

Robert Carroll, M.D. Poetry Therapy

Esther Drifuss-kattan, Ph.D., ATCB. Art Therapy

Ronald Borczon, MT-BC. Music Therapy

Ka-Kit Hui, M.D. Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and pain management

Sat Bir Khalsa, Ph.D. Yoga therapy and mental health

David Merrill, M.D., Ph.D. Lifestyle Medicine for successful aging

David Mischoulon, M.D., Ph.D. The use of natural herbs and supplements for treatment of mental illness

Kirsten Tillisch, M.D. Integrative medicine for pain management