Training in Creativity

Our Mission:

Creative thought enhances an individual's ability to imagine new ideas by learning to envision that which cannot immediately be seen. Our mission is to empower individuals by teaching easy-to-use techniques that foster imagination, innovative problem solving and creativity in everyday life.  This workshop is based on scientific discoveries about brain systems underlying creativity, and designed to help individuals acquire innovative thinking strategies.

During this five-hour intensive course you will:

  1. Assess your baseline level of creativity
  2. Learn about brain systems that underlie creativity
  3. (Re-) discover your creative potential
  4. Learn basic techniques to unblock creative energy
  5. Practice relaxation techniques to improve mental clarity
  6. Find your creative voice and expression
  7. Acquire strategies for creative thinking every day
  8. Map out a daily lifestyle plan to empower yourself
  9. Evaluate your progress in ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking

To learn more about The Workshop on Creativity and Innovation Practices, please call the Tennenbaum Center for the Biology of Creativity at UCLA at 310.206.4666 or email