Consultation-Liason Psychiatry


The UCLA Consultation and Evaluation Service is an inpatient consultation psychiatry service that provides psychiatric evaluations to the UCLA Center for Health Sciences. The service provides focused consultations to medical and surgical services for urgent and routine matters. The service consists of 3-4 resident physicians, a psychologist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner and multiple faculty members with expertise in various aspects of Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry. The service also provides consultations to the Emergency Medical Center that is a major trauma center for a large urban hospital. The scope of services includes capacity to consent to or refuse medical treatment, pain management, pre-surgical evaluation for solid organ transplant candidates, post-operative followups for acute behavioral disturbances, and mood and anxiety disorders. A three-week rotation, Semel Institute. Prerequisite: clerkship in psychiatry.

 John Luo

Clerkship in Psychiatry

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 A three-week rotation

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