Anthropological Perspectives on the Human Body


(Same as Anthropology M234T.) This seminar will explore how sociocultural and political dynamics shape perceptions of and understandings about the human body, and how, reciprocally, those perceptions and understanding influence social process. Materials will be drawn from both non-western and western societies. For two units, students are expected to come to class, do the assigned reading, and write critical summaries of them. For three units, all of the above plus a 20-25 page synthesis of the class readings into a coherent statement of the issues the class has raised. For four units, all of the above (minus the synthesizing paper) plus a 20-25 page research paper based on a topic drawn from the classes themes. Offered Fall quarter. Prerequisite: graduate standing in Anthropology or consent of instructor.

 Carole Browner

Graduate standing in Anthropology or consent of instructor

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