The mission of the UCLA Semel Institute Center for Community Health (CCH) is to advance the understanding of and to improve the health, development, and quality of life for children and adults in high-risk situations. Our vision is to conduct research that informs public policy for improving the welfare of children and adults in high-risk situations. To increase society's acceptance of marginalized persons. CCH conducts research that crosses three significant areas impacting children and adults in high-risk situations: HIV, mental health, and chronic illness. CCH projects aim to develop and test interventions that support health promotion and to identify and describe health disparities that exist across different communities. The work conducted at CCH benefits from a multidisciplinary approach provided by a diverse mix of investigators from clinical psychology, biostatistics, psychiatry, sociology, social work, public policy, epidemiology, urban planning, and educational psychology.

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Director: Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus