The Aging Biology and Behavior laboratory, directed by Dr. Carroll, collaborates with multiple investigators interested is assessing biological aging, particularly as it interacts with behavior.

The laboratory routinely performs assays on samples to determine estimates of biological aging across a number of biomarkers and specimen types. The laboratory utilizes the following equipment: BioRad CFX9G Touch iCycler real-time PCR system and supporting PCR analysis software, QIASymphony SP Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor and Cabinet, Storm 680 phosphorimager, a Sony digital gel analysis/documentation system with support computer and software, two agarose gel horizontal electrophoresis systems, Laminar flow hood clean bench, Eppendorf 5415 refrigerated microfuge, Marathon 3200R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge, a digital dry block heater, a -70 C freezer, and a refrigerator. In addition, two dedicated computers support analysis of bioinformatics.