J-1 Sponsorship Process

Intital/Transfer J-1 Visa Process 

For Posdocs and VGRs

 Please submit the following: Tenative Start Date will be provided by the ATO

•       A memo from the faculty supervisor, addressed to Anja Paardekooper, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration. Include the exchange visitor’s name, title of UCLA appointment, and a detailed description of activities the EV will undertake, including breakdown of percentages of duties/activities, i.e., teaching, research, observation, attending conferences, the site where the research will take place, etc.(Hiring/sponsoring center to provide original)

•       For MD’s, Attachment to DS-2019 for Alien Physician Form signed by the faculty supervisor is required. Please note that Option 2 candidates may require a Section 2111. ( if applicable, original)

 •       IF VGR: Supporting funding documents. Required amount monthly $2,247.33 for EV only. If necessary for spouse add $500 and $222.25 for each child. If amount is in foreign currency, conversion to U.S. dollar amount and exchange rate are required. If the funding document is in foreign language, a translation in English is required. For personal funds, original documentation, such as a bank letter signed by a bank official on the company letterhead, combined with a bank statement (no more than 60 days old) are required. (EV to provide original)

  •  Mandatory Health Insurance Compliance Form signed by the exchange visitor.  (Original Signature Required) If opting out of coverage, please submit proof of insurance coverage that meets the requirement of the VGR policy
  • Most up-to-date C.V. (EV to provide)
  • Processing fee: Please provide the recharge for the visa processing fees on the ATO appointment Form.(If the student will cover the expenses, they will be required to pay via cashnet. (EV or Hiring/sponsoring center to provide)

Breakdown of processing fees: 

-$40 Sevis Fee to DCISS: Please submit a P-39 in the amount of $40; for individuals for students with family memeber such as a spouse and or child/children. 

-$300 J-1 application processing fee to David Geffen School of Medicine Visa and Licensing office

  •  Legible copy ofJ-1 visa stamp, I-94 (front & back) and DS-2019. (EV to provide)
  •  DS-2019 application: To be completed by hiring/ sponsoring center. Please note the form indicates that the EV should not complete application. 

The visa office requires at least a 21 days  processing time from the date they receive a complete packet. In addition, all applications received must be 8 weeks out from the start date. 

Amendment of DS-2019

To amend or make changes to current DS-2019. Ie dates, corrections to name etc. 

Please submit the following: 

  • Copy of the DS-2019 application with the correct changes highligthed. 
  • Admendment fee 150: Cashiers check, Money order, Personal Check, and or P-39. Please make it out to DGSOM Visa and Licensing Office. 

School of Medicine Internal Visa & Licensing Processing Fees  (as of 7/1/2011)

SEVIS fee: $40/yr,  for J-1, $40/yr. for J-2 payable to DCISS

*As of October 1, 2015 the Dashew Center will require a Sevis fee for J-2 dependents.


- Initial Entry 
- Extension 
- J1 Family (Separate Entry) 
- Transfer 
- Request to Amend/Replacement 
- Request for Advisory Opinion


Quick Summary of J-1 Visa Process

1. Submitted DS-2019 application packet will be reviewed by ATO.

2. ATO will notify sponspring center via email and with further questions and or retrieve missing items. If there are no further questions or missing items, a draft of the DS-2019 application will be sent for review. If all the information on the application are accurate, the sponsoring center will print and provide a signed copy of the DS-2019 by the Faculty Sponsor. 

3. DS-2019 application will be fowarded to the Department Chair for review and approval. 

4. Once the Ds-2019 application has been approved. The documents will be hand delivered to the visa office for processing. 

5. Visa office will contact ATO when the DS-2019 is ready for pick up. 

6. ATO will notify hiring center and EV via email regarding the availaibility of the DS-2019. The email will request the shipping address and contain the required information the EV needs to make an appointment with the Embassy. In additon, the email will also have instructionsfor the EV once they get to UCLA. 

7. EV will receive another email with tracking information.