University Housing Eligibility

Postdoctoral Scholars are eligible to reside in University Apartments but are not given the highest priority.

Postdoctoral Scholars may apply to live in the University Apartments (both Family Student Housing and Mixed-Use Housing), but will be asked to provide the following when applying, in order to confirm their eligibility:

  1. The Notice of Appointment from the Graduate Division showing the current approved appointment’s beginning and end date. Note: All letters must come from the Graduate Division not the respective departments.

University Housing Assignment Process

After demand for housing among eligible enrolled students is met, UCLA will offer housing to Postdoctoral Scholars for a period of two years for single Postdoctoral Scholars and Postdoctoral Scholars with dependent children. Visit https://grad.ucla.edu/gss/postdoc/pdhousing.htm for an overview of housing options for postdoctoral scholars.

Please be aware that when selecting University Apartments as a housing choice, Postdoctoral Scholars applying to move in during September should expect delays as far as late October in finding out the status of a housing application and may need to make other housing arrangements.

Applying for University Housing

In order to apply for University Housing, you will need to complete the online Housing Services application and pay a non-refundable application fee. Click Family Housing Application or Single Graduate Housing Application as appropriate.

Note: if you are applying for housing before you have a University ID (UID), click the Temporary ID link to apply with a temporary housing logon ID.

If you are currently a UCLA Postdoctoral Scholar, you will use your Bruin Online (BOL) account user name and password to log on to the application form.

Postdoctoral scholars must provide Housing Services with a copy of the appointment approval letter from Academic Services in the Graduate Division (notice of appointment showing the beginning and end date of the appointment).

Housing Services will verify that you have an approved postdoctoral scholar appointment before offering housing.

Additional Information

For additional information about housing for Postdoctoral Scholars please visit the Ask Housing website to find FAQ on housing related matters.

For more information on apartment eligibility please visit the General Eligibility and Proof of Eligibility requirements page for Postdoctoral Scholars