GSR Administrators

Dear administrators,

Please note that our office requests for a two week processing time from the anticipated hire date.

 Important notes to keep in mind:

  • During the academic year GSRs cannot be appointed any more than 50% of their time in one or multiple departments combined.
  • If a single/combined appointment is over 50%, then the academic department will need to file for an exception to policy at Graduate Division.
  • If GSR is appointed at another department with an appointment that covers remissions and both appointments combined are 25% or above, both departments will be responsible for covering fee remissions. (No Exceptions)  

  • For GSRs that are part of an academic program, such as NSIDP, there are specific guidelines and rules that the hiring department must follow. For instance, NSIDP program requires the hiring department to cover all GSR fee remissions if appointed at 25% and above. Please be sure to review guidelines specifics prior to hire.

  • Nonresident GSRs appointed at 45% time and enrolled in 12 or more units qualify for nonresident tuition remission, which covers 100% of the nonresident tuition for the quarter(s) of appointment. 
  • GSRs can be appointed over 50% during University interim periods, such as spring, winter, and summer break. (During the summer, no fees are charged to the department).
  • 3 factors to consider when choosing the appropriate rate/salary (more information:
    1. GSRs who hold a Master’s Degree cannot be appointed below a step 3.
    2. GSRs who have advanced to candidacy may not be appointed below a step 5.
    3. Academic programs may have a minimum salary requirement for their GSRs.

Further guidance on fees and remissions:

  • Fee remissions: Fee remissions do not cover all GSR fees, the balance remaining which is called "balance of fees", is the student's responsibility to ensure it is paid accordingly by the deadlines. This is a non-academic fee, and if department pays, our office will need an unrestricted 78 account to charge.