Linda Butler

Linda Butler

Self Advocate and the Consumer Coordinator

Linda Butler has been an advocate for herself and others for many years. Linda’s road to self-advocacy and advocacy for “others” has been a long winding journey. Early in her advocacy, Linda volunteered for the Campaign Program where she worked with elderly people as a personal assistant. She began her academic career at Santa Monica College. Linda, on the advice from a close friend embarked on a successful dog walking business ensuring that the animals she supported were well cared for.

Linda has attended local self-advocacy groups since 1984. She began attending self-advocacy groups at the Westside Regional Center in June of 1989. She has been an active member of the Westside Consumer Advisory Council and has served two terms on the Westside Regional Center Board of Directors.

In May of 2005 Linda became an employee of the Westside Regional Center as the Coordinator of Consumer Advocacy, a mandated position. She has worked at the Westside Regional Center for 13 years. Linda supports 15 local self-advocacy groups and is involved in the training of new service coordinators about advocacy opportunities. She is involved in legislative advocacy and meets regularly with locally elected officials.

Linda is a member of the Association of Regional Centers Consumer Advisory Committee (ARCA/CAC) and the Tarjan Advisory Committee. She proudly represents her regional center. “It has been my life’s work to empower people with disabilities to improve their lives and to have a voice.”