Tarjan Partners

California Developmental Disability Partnership

Our Key Goals:

  • To shape public policy affecting Californians with DD in order to remove barriers, enhance services and secure adequate funding; promote consumer voice and choice; and change social attitudes so that consumers are valued and included.
  • Prevent abuse, neglect and victimization of Californians with Developmental Disabilities.
  • Avoid institutionalization and promote integrated community living arrangements of the person’s choice that support dignity, freedom, power, responsibility and independence.
  • Change the system so it values diversity culture and each individual, and increases access to and utilization of appropriate services by ethnically and linguistically diverse consumers.
  • Increase the ability of Californians with DD to become effective self advocates.
  • Increase choices and participation in inclusive work, recreation and leisure, education, community and social life.
  • Maintain and improve access to public and private healthcare.
  • Early Childhood: improve access to routine developmental screening, early identification of developmental delays and referral/access to early intervention services.