MRI Scanning and Analysis

The Staglin IMHRO Center for Cognitive Neuroscience operates a Siemens 3 Tesla "Prisma Fit" MRI scanner. This is a research dedicated scanning platform which can be accessed by members of the UCLA community on a recharge basis ($600/hr). The Center also operates an image analysis core and data archive which can be accessed on a recharge basis (one-time fee of $150 for all data acquired in a 1-hour scan session).

The Center will consider proposals by members of the UCLA community to access both the scanning and analysis core services for pilot studies without charge. Priority will be given to junior investigators and to proposals for novel cognitive neuroscience projects that have a high likelihood of achieving extramural funding. To submit such a request please contact the CCN Director Susan Bookheimer (

Contact and Booking Details

The scanning and analysis facilities are available all day every day, including weekends, except during scheduled maintenance.

If your lab is already registered in our system, you can set up a new project or schedule scans for an existing project at our scheduling website ( If your lab is not yet registered in our system, you can request an account by contacting the CCN Administrator Marlo Duran (