UCLA Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

The mission of the UCLA Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, directed by Robert PaulLiberman, M.D. (Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry) is to conduct comprehensive,biobehavioral evaluations of persons with serious and disabling mental disorders from whichtreatment plans are designed and implemented in social skills training (individually or group).Behavioral family therapy and structured modules for teaching patients MedicationManagement, Symptom Management, Basic Conversation Skills, Workplace Fundamentals,Substance Abuse Management, Community Re-Entry and Friendship & Intimacy. Responsibilityfor management of psychoactive medication and emergencies must be provided and maintainedby a designated psychiatrist or clinic making the referral. Active communication between ourProgram and responsible psychiatrist/clinic is maintained and Personal Support Specialists (i.e.,case managers) are integrated with the rehabilitation services of our program to insuregeneralization of skills learned into patients’ ordinary lives. Active communication is essentialbetween patients served in our Program and the patients’ responsible psychiatrists.

Availability: Fridays 1:30-4:00pm

760 Westwood Plaza, C9-400
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Faculty and Staff
Director: Dr. Robert Paul Liberman
Staff: Ashley Tong, Emily Brennan, Stefanie Bui, Tiffany Chen


(310) 206-1616 (Office)

(310) 825-7508 (Fax)