Administration and Training Core

The Administration and Training Core serves the daily administrative needs of the Center for Neurocognition and Emotion in Schizonphrenia. This Core involves Dr. Nuechterlein as Center PI, four other UCLA faculty members who as Center Co-PIs (Drs. Asarnow, Cannon, Green, and Yee-Bradbury), and a full-time administrative analyst (Fe Asuan). Dr. Nuechterlein is ultimately responsible for the direction, administration, and fiscal management of the Center. Drs. Asarnow, Cannon, Green, and Yee-Bradbury play key administrative roles in the Center, aiding Dr. Nuechterlein in overall coordination activities and the major administrative and management tasks that require faculty involvement. These faculty members also coordinate the research career development activities of the Center, including aiding in the recruitment of appropriate trainees for an existing NIMH-supported Training Grant, "Psychological Research on Schizophrenic Conditions."

The pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees supported by these Training Grants (PI: K. Nuechterlein) are encouraged to pursue translational behavioral research through affiliation with this Center. Under the supervision of Dr. Nuechterlein, Fe Asuan is responsible for organizing and sustaining the grant management, fiscal, personnel, and purchasing activities of the Center. She serves as a primary contact for the Center investigators and staff for routine administrative issues. She oversees the routine operations of the Center’s Administrative Office, as well as all “professional relations” activities, such as the Center website and arrangements for presentations by Center investigators.