Mood Disorders in Adults: Community Registry Study

UCLA IRB#13-000510

Project Status
Open for enrollment

Project Description
This study was designed to create a registry database regarding persons who have a mood disorder and may have mood disorders in their family trees. The database is intended as a platform for encouraging innovative cross-lab investigations of the faculty of the UCLA Integrative Study Center in Mood Disorders (IMDC). Participants will be persons with a history of mood disorders (major depression, bipolar disorder or schizoaffective) and complete a battery of assessments of diagnosis, symptom severity, work, academic and social functioning, risk and resiliency factors, and treatment history.

Project Contact
Sam Frey (310)825-4354

Project Procedures

  1. Diagnostic assessment
  2. One follow up assessment

Eligible Participants

  1. 18 – 65 years of age
  2. Diagnosis of Mood Disorder (includes Bipolar Spectrum and Major Depressive Disorder or Schizoaffective Disorder), or symptoms which could indicate a mood disorder diagnosis
  3. Fluent in English

Up to $100

Current status: Project live