Mood Changes and Immune Functioning in Young Adults with Mood Disorders


This study was developed to utilize voice recognition technology that tracks mood changes over time in individuals with a mood disorder. Participants will call into an interactive wellness journal to answer questions about how they are doing and feeling. In addition to weekly calls, participants complete blood draws.

Project Status

Open for enrollment

Project Contact

Georga Morgan-Fleming (310) 267-4901

Primary Investigators: David Miklowitz, Ph.D., Michael Irwin, M.D., Armen Arevian, Ph.D.


  1. Diagnostic assessment
  2. Two in-person research follow up evaluations (3 and 6 months)
  3. Two blood draws (Initial and 6 month)
  4. Bi-weekly calls into the Voice Wellness Journal and online questionnaires

Eligible Participants

  1. Between 18-29 years of age
  2. Diagnosis of a mood disorder, or symptoms that indicate probable diagnosis
  3. No current substance use disorder 
  4. No chronic medical condition that interferes with immune system function (such as thyroid condition) 
  5. No autism spectrum disorder diagnosis
  6. No seizure disorder
  7. No use of steroid medications/ immunizations within the past week of enrollment
  8. No illness (cold, flu, etc.) within 3 weeks of enrollment
  9. Fluent in English

Up to $365

Current status: Project live