Single Cell RNAseq & Beyond

Single Cell RNAseq & Beyond offers state-of-the-art instrumentation, services and technical support on single cell sequencing related technologies. Three different platforms of single cell sequencing techniques are provided:

  1. Massive single cell sequencing provided by 10X Genomics, a powerful solution for single cell DNA and RNA analyses, which includes:
    • The Chrominum Single Cell 3' Solution, which features complete workflow from cell suspension through sequencing ready cDNA library in one day; flexible throughput encapsulates 100-80000 cells in 10 mins; compatible with illumina Hiseq 4000/2500/Nextseq sequencer; user-friendly software pipeline; more efficient and detectable genes per cell than leading academic droplet systems at a cost less than $1 per cell.
    • The Chrominum Genome Solution, which features long-range information from a short-read illumina sequencer; high-quality libraries from as little as 1ng of genomic DNA; turn-key pipeline and visualization tools; call and phase major classes of structural variants (SVs) like deletions, inversions and translocations, even in genes inaccessible to short-read sequencer; phase SNVs, indels and SVs across >10Mb haplotype blocks
    Please visit for its application and successful cases with 10X Genomics technologies.
  2. Small Scale In-depth Single Cell Transcriptome Analysis. We have extensive experience to manually pick dissociated single cells from microscope and perform single cell RNAseq with high reproducibility. Both commercial SMART-Seq kit and homemade kit are available, with the later providing more affordable price with similar if not better result than the SMART-seq commercial kit.
  3. Patch-seq to Couple Electrophysiological Recording with Single Cell Transcriptome Analysis. We provide technical support regarding how to collect single cell using glass micropipette after electrophysiological recording, and perform in-depth single cell transcriptome analysis with both commercial and homemade kit.

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