Microscope Techniques

This facility is prepared to give instructions in microscopic techniques and assist you in preparing tissue specimens for light microscopic observation.

Histological procedures available include some immunocytochemistry staining, special stains, paraffin sectioning, slide preparation for in situ hybridization, cryostat sectioning, plastic embedding and sectioning. The laboratory also provides staining setups, a cryostat, microtomes, and a Nikon photomicroscope for use by trained personnel.


Contact and Booking Details

The Microscopic Techniques Laboratory Director is Marianne Cilluffo, x59848 (310-825-9848), mariannc@ucla.edu. To use the laboratory and its facilities, you must obtain an Investigator Authorization Form from the Microscopic Techniques Laboratory.


Gonda Room 1346
635 Charles Young Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (310) 825 4321
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