Biological Samples Processing Core – BSPC

The facility offers DNA extractions from whole blood and other tissue types, and storage of extracted DNA. We use the Autopure LS™ nucleic acid purification instrument from Gentra Systems for extracting DNA. This instrument provides a highly automated process with very high quality DNA, samples are quantitated using OD 260/280. Once DNA has been obtained from the provided sample, it can be returned immediately or stored in -20°C freezer for future use. We'll also aliquot DNA at the desired concentrations. DNA can be stored indefinitely within BSPC. All samples are logged in our database and are bar-coded with our sample number and customer's identification code.

We will soon initiate RNA extraction.

Sample Handling at the Facility

All samples are entered into a database that gives each entry an ID number for sample handling and data storage purposes.

Sample Type and Amount required

Blood (fresh whole blood): 1-10mL; cultured lymphoblast cell lines (fresh): 20-50 million cells count; buccal mouthwash (fresh): in 10-20mL mouthwash; clotted blood: 1-10mL; tissues (frozen or fresh): 100-300mg.

Please check with BSPC for any new sample type and other sample size availability.

Service Type and Cost

Autopure (AP) extraction on blood - $49/extraction
Autopure (AP) extraction on buccal mouthwash - $49/extraction
Manual extraction on clotted blood - $60/extraction
DNA dilution or aliquote preparation - $2/tube of dilution or aliquot
DNA storage (for DNA samples not extracted BSPC) - $1/tube of DNA sample per year

An account will be set up for each P.I. using the facility. Customers must bring a signed Recharge Order Request (P39) prior to receiving services.

Facility Hours

Monday through Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday: closed

Sample Drop-off Hours

Monday through Thurs: 9:00am to 5:00pm, Friday and the weekday before holiday: 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Contact Info:


UCLA, Gonda Center, BSPC Room 4310, 695 Charles E. Young Drive South, Los Angeles, CA 90095-7088. Phone 310- 267 2715, Fax 310-794 9613

(Number 53 on the UCLA Map )


Nelson B. Freimer, Prof., Email:

Phone: 310-794 9571, Room: 3506A Gonda Center


Eva Oi-Wa Choi, Email:

Phone: 310- 267 2715, Room: 4310 Gonda Center


Margaret Chu, Admin Analyst, Email:

Phone: 310-794 9576, Room 3506 Gonda Center