Doctoral Internship Program in Clinical Psychology


The UCLA Doctoral Internship Program in Clinical Psychology has been continuously accredited by the American Psychological Association* since May, 1963. The internship is characterized by a wide variety of clinical activities, supervision by a multidisciplinary faculty who frequently are nationally known in their specialty, and a wide array of seminars, case conferences and other educational experiences.  UCLA Medical Center was ranked among the top 3 hospitals in the United States.

The primary goal of the doctoral internship training program is to provide a year of intensive exposure to a wide variety of clinical experiences. The training is designed to maximize the personal growth of each intern, and is not directed at specialization, although interns are expected to develop proficiency in an area of interest. At the beginning of the year, the trainee designs her/his program, both to supplement and complement previous development. We prefer that the intern train in areas he or she has not experienced or in areas less available elsewhere. Within the learning settings chosen by the trainee, every effort is made to teach the specific techniques necessary to gain competence. The great variety of resources makes both the individualized choice and the acquisition of skills possible.

It is deemed critical that the trainee's advisor guide the original choice of program so that the trainee does indeed have exposure to new experiences and is allowed sufficient intensity of experience. Since the exposure to, learning in, and thought about clinical experience is designated as the first priority, treatment, supervision, consultation, and assessment experiences also are given priority in the assignment of the trainee's time. Seminars, in turn, are geared to the clinical service. The integration of service and research is an important emphasis of the program but, in terms of time allocation, research has been given a lesser role.

The program now supports 19 interns in 13 unique tracks: 

Child Tracks: General Child – 3 positions, Child and Adolescent Acute Care - 1 position, ASD & Neurodevelopmental Disabilities - Assessment -1 position, ASD & Neurodevelopmental Disabilities - Treatment - 1 position, Pediatric Consultation-Liaison – 1 position, Adolescent Serious Mental Illness – 1 position, Pediatric Neuropsychology – 2 positions, Stress, Trauma and Resilience – 2 positions

Adult Tracks: Geriatic Psychology-Neuropsychology – 1 position, Health & Behavior – 1 position, Major Mental Illness – 1 position, Adult Neuropsychology 3 positions, Cultural & Bilingual Neuropsychology Lifespan Track – 1 position, Lifespan Neuropsychology - 1 position 


*Questions related to the program’s accredited status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750   1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 336-5979


Application process:

Applications will only be accepted through APPI Online. Information about the APPI Online, along with instructions about how to access the service, can be found at: Applicants may apply for one or multiple tracks by using program codes (listed below). Choices are not binding and may be changed at a later time during the application process. One cover letter is sufficient for multiple tracks. We are requesting a minimum of 3 letters of recommendations. No supplemental materials are required.

All materials for this site must be submitted by NOVEMBER 1, 2020.

We are aware that the novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many practicum placements, and know that this may cause anxiety to internship applicants for the 2021-2022 training year who are assiduously working to acquire supervised professional experience that will enable them to compete successfully for the best internship matches. Please be assured we will take the effect of this crisis on your training experience into consideration as we evaluate applications.

Any questions should be addressed to Jennifer Haydn-Jones, Psychology Training Coordinator: Phone: 310-794-5715; Fax: 310-825-6483 - e-mail preferred.


GENERAL CHILD                                                                      113412
GERIATRIC PSYCHOLOGY-NEUROPSYCHOLOGY                          113413
HEALTH AND BEHAVIOR                                                           113414
MAJOR MENTAL ILLNESS                                                          113415
PEDIATRIC CONSULTATION-LIAISON                                         113418
NEUROPSYCHOLOGY                                                               113419
ADOLESCENT SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS                                  113421
PEDIATRIC NEUROPSYCHOLOGY                                               113422
TRAUMA, STRESS & RESILIENCE                                              113423
CHILD  AND ADOLESCENT ACUTE CARE TRACK                        113416
LIFESPAN NEUROPSYCHOLOGY                                                 113420        
Application deadline: 1 Nov 2020

Coordinator: Jennifer Haydn-Jones