Program Description


UCLA’s Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training will provide trainings at three levels of intensities:

  • Four-hour seminar - $450
  • Weekend retreat [24 hours] - $2,700
  • Nine-month intensive facilitation certificate program [200 hours, including ~150 instructional hours]  - $13,000

These trainings are meant for community clinicians to learn about current evidence-based practices regarding the provision of psychedelic-assisted therapies (i.e., screening patients, preparation for medicine sessions, psychedelic medicine administration, and therapeutic integration for patients who undergo these services).

The psychedelic medicines that will be covered include ketamine, classic psychedelics (psilocybin and LSD), and entactogens (MDMA).

Various integration methods will be covered, including classic supportive psychotherapy treatments as well as more modern, cutting-edge practices such as one being empirically established at UCLA – psychedelic-assisted cognitive behavioral therapy for major depressive disorder.