California State University, Northridge (CSUN) Explorers

CSUN Explorers is a 2-year program for individuals between the ages of 18-28 who are identified with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Explorers will enroll at CSUN through Extended Learning. Explorers will take two (2) classes each semester with CSUN undergraduate students and may participate in clubs, and other activities on campus. During the second year of the program, Explorers will be involved in internships on campus or in the community. A Peer Mentor will be identified in each academic course and club.

Housing: Students commute to campus.

Duration: The certificate program is a two-year course of study.


Fill out the CSUN Explorers Application Packet.

All required documents of the Application Packet must be submitted together to complete the process for admission consideration to CSUN Explorers. It is important that the most current information is submitted in order to ascertain that the Explorers Program is an appropriate placement and that the student has the combination of desire, motivation, skill, and experience to be successful in the program. Once the completed application packet has been reviewed one of the following will take place:

  1. The applicant and parent(s) or guardian(s) will be contacted to set up an interview.
  2. The applicant is not selected and may be encouraged to reapply.
Program Content

Credit, Degree or Award: Certificate, Credit courses.

Course Types: Academic courses, Basic skills.

Volunteer opportunities, Internships & Employment: Off and On Campus Internships. Connections with vendored and other agencies regarding career counseling and job placement.


Tuition Fees: Yes

Comments: The following is an estimate of the annual costs associated with a student attending CSUN Explorers. The estimate is based on the following:

  1. Estimated Tuition- The student will take 6 units per semester ($2,112)
  2. Student Recreation Center (SRC) Membership ($340)
  3. Additional fees will include, books, materials, food, and transportation.
  4. Estimated Total for year: $4,564, in addition to #3 above.

Funding: Please contact the program director for possible financial assistance from the Dept. of Rehab and/or Regional Center.

Program Transition

Transition services for Students exiting the program:

Students graduating from CSUN Explorers will have the opportunity to be connected with vendored or other agencies to assist with career counseling and job placement.

Course Type
Academic courses
Basic skills
Credit, Degree or Award
Certificate, Credit courses

Contact person: 
Amy Hanreddy

Contact email: 

(818) 677-2596

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