Tolley Marney - Honeybees

T Marney

Title of Piece: Covenant (Horse Head)

Medium: Hand built steel

Dimensions: Each Bee is approximately 6.5” tall x 9” long and about 12” across at the wingspan. Each bee weighs about 5 lbs.

Describing a sculpture/object/figure: They look like big bees. They are kind of rustic looking with a stronger shape than detail because my hammer is large and so are my hands. They are welcoming looking in the garden.

Describe the style and technique you used to create your art: It takes me about a day or two to make each bee. I heat up cold steel in my propane forge. When the steel turns red, about 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, I move it with a pair of tongs onto my anvil, where I hammer it into the shape I imagine it to me. The steel stretches and flows under my hammer as it cools, eventually becoming too cold to flow. I return it to my forge and repeat this action and many times and I need to on the sculpture.