January 14, 2016 Teleconference: Presenter Wilbert Francis re: California Community Colleges: A Viable Pathway to Competitive Integrated Employment

Thursday, January 14, 2016 - 9:00am
A CHAPTERED RECORDING of our January 14 CECY Monthly Call featuring guest presenter Wilbert Francis on California Community Colleges: A Viable Pathway to Competitive Integrated Employment, is now available at the link below.
  • This Chaptered Recording lets you begin your listening at the start of the call, or at a particular point in the discussion.
  • The Chapter Listing on left-hand side of the screen is like an INDEX that cues the recording to the section you select.
  • (NOTE: This chaptered recording replaces meeting notes.)
Call Agenda:
  1. Olivia’s Intro| Upcoming Meetings
  2. Presentation:  “California Community Colleges:  A Viable Pathway to Competitive Integrated Employment” by Wilbert Francis, Project Director, Open the Door to College, Tarjan Center at UCLA
Recording Chapters:
  • Olivia’s Intro-Upcoming Meetings*
  • WF Intro-Learning Outcomes
  • PSE as a Pathway for CIE
  • PSE Policies & Practices
  • PSE Participation Options
  • Q&A:  Regional Center staff support re: PIE
  • C2C Overview
  • C2C Participant Data
  • C2C Unique Features
  • C2C Partner Roles
  • Student Success Support Program
  • Lessons Learned/Takeaways
  • Resources & Links
  • Q&A


A copy of the presentation is available for download below.