How do I know if I have anorexia nervosa?

  • Do you have a fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, even though others tell you that you are underweight?
  • Has your body weight been significantly less than normal for your height?
  • Do you see your body in a different way than others see it, or place a lot of value on your body weight and shape, or think that your low body weight is not a problem, even though others do?
  • Have you had at least three months in a row when you did not have a period (menstruation), or do you only have a period when you are on birth control pills?
  • To prevent weight gain do you restrict what you eat, or make yourself vomit, or exercise excessively, or use laxatives, diuretics, or diet pills?

If you answered yes to these questions then you might have anorexia nervosa and should seek a full diagnostic evaluation.