The Center for Culture and Health examines how social, structural, psychological, and cultural factors affect mental and physical health. We specialize in longitudinal studies of children and youth at risk, and the family dynamics that shape and are shaped by health, sickness, and medical experience. Our strengths include the study of factors that influence medical decision making, and the cultural meanings linked with various psychological and medical conditions.

We are interested in whether and how culture, ethnicity, and race may shape individual, family, and group experience, and the nature of interactions among ethnicity/race, social class, gender, and health. Immigrant families and children are a strong interest at the Center. Current studies include African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Asian-Americans (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian), European-Americans, Mexicans, and other Latino groups.

Director: Thomas Weisner

Site: Semel Institute/NPI