Cross-cultural and Community Psychiatry


The increasing cultural diversity of the United States, as shown by U.S. Census data, requires that clinicians have an understanding of cultural differences, and how they affect diagnosis and treatment. The publication of DSM-IV has added new emphasis to the influence of culture on diagnosis by including an outline for cultural formulation and a glossary of culture bound syndromes. Section 2. Cross-Cultural and Community Psychiatry Weekly practicum and seminar series including clinical consultation to children and adolescents along with one-hour team meetings. Offered continuously throughout the year, Thursdays, 1-5 p.m., Edward Edelman Mental Health Center. Prerequisite: second-year child fellow or consent of instructor.

 Bonnie Zima, Charles J Sophy, Kathleen Daly

2nd year child fellow or Consent of instructor

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 Continuously throughout the year
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