We are developing a suite of tools for access and mining of gene expression and sequencing data. Apply for a demo account here. 

REPAIR is a web-based gene expression database for data mining, storage, and in-silico analyses, that allows users to perform custom analysis of datasets by determining their own cut-offs for statistical significance, expression ratios and the like. REPAIR currently has 120 registered users from ~25 Institutions in the US and abroad, and an average traffic of 1,000 searches per month.

GIFTbase hosts de-identified patient info, genotyping and sequence variation data obtained from our resequencing studies, as well as gene expression data for our dementia and ataxia patient cohorts.

Finally, we are developing a sequence variant database to store and query next-generation exome resequencing data. These tools greatly facilitate data mining and biological annotation of gene expression and sequencing data and accelerate the tempo of scientific research. A screencast describing the main features is here.

We are collecting mutations and sequence variants responsible for Primary Familial Brain Calcification (or Fahr's disease) here. Contact us if have variants to add.