The Center for Neurobehavioral Genetics administers tightly integrated predoctoral and postdoctoral training programs in neurobehavioral genetics, funded by NIMH and NINDS respectively. Both programs emphasize training in human studies as well as in investigations of a wide range of model organisms, and incorporate state of the art approaches to neurobehavioral phenotyping, experimental and quantiative genetic analysis, and genomics. Both programs seek to enroll trainees who will enhance diversity, and individuals with disabilities and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The encouragement of diversity in training programs is a UCLA-wide goal. For more details about campus resources relating to diversity see

The Center for Neurobehavioral Genetics is accepting nominations of candidates for the NINDS-funded postdoctoral training program in neurobehavioral genetics and the NIMH-funded predoctoral training program in neurobehavioral genetics.

Yoon Jung