Postdoctoral Training Program in Neurobehavioral Genetics


The program consists of two years of training, including research training with the nominating mentor, participation in a neurobehavioral phenotyping course, the Neurogenetics Affinity Group seminar series, and seminars in the ethical conduct of research. Participants will receive one year of funding from the training grant; acceptance is contingent upon the mentor committing to fund the candidate for the second year of the program. All participants will be required to submit at least one grant proposal during the first year in the program. Under exceptional circumstances, the program executive committee may provide funding for a second year.



All candidates must identify a mentor who shall submit the nomination. Applications are being accepted and will then be reviewed expeditiously by the program admissions committee. Depending on the initial pool of applicants, we may accept additional candidates after this point; therefore, we encourage nomination of outstanding candidates throughout the academic year. Candidates will be selected mainly on the basis of prior research accomplishments and academic promise. We particularly seek qualified minority candidates. In keeping with the program's goals, preference will be given to applicants who are trained in psychiatry, neurology, or psychology, although outstanding applicants with other backgrounds will be given favorable consideration.

Application process:

Applications should include:

  1. Complete CV;
  2. One page personal statement indicating you are interested in this training program, why you have chosen to work with a particular mentor, and the research plan to be carried out in the mentor's research group;
  3. Letter of nomination from the mentor. This letter should indicate that the mentor is prepared to fund the second year of the candidate's program and that the mentor and candidate will participate in the program activities as require.
  4. Two additional letters of recommendation.
  5. The application may include as appendices up to 3 published or submitted manuscripts, as well as any grant proposals written by the candidate.

For questions, contact:
Adara Lui