Teleconference: Heather Weldon on Seattle's Supported Employment

Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 9:00am

A CHAPTERED RECORDING of our February 14 CECY Monthly Call featuring guest presenter Heather Weldon on Supported Employment: City of Seattle, is now available at the link below.

  • This Chaptered Recording lets you begin your listening at the start of the call, or at a particular point during the presentation.
  •  The Chapter Listing on the left-hand side of the screen is like an INDEX that cues the recording to the section you select.
  •  A copy of Heather’s PowerPoint Presentation is attached.
  •  NOTE: This chaptered recording replaces meeting notes.
  • This information will be posted on our CECY Member site by Wed, Feb 17 p.m. (log-in info below).

Chaptered Recording available at:

Call Agenda:
  1.  Olivia’s Intro| Gina’s Intro
  2. Presentation:  “Supported Employment:  City of Seattle” by Heather Weldon, Program Manager, Supported Employment, City of Seattle, Department of Human Resources


Recording Chapters:

  • Introductions:  (Olivia Raynor & Gina Semenza)
  • Heather Weldon’s Opening Comments
  • Where Seattle Stands Today
  • How It All Started
  • Initial Challenges
  • Creating a New Understanding
  • Reversing Priorities
  • Making the Business Case
  • Also Important …
  • Customizing …
  • Philosophical Issues
  • 3 Ingredients for Success
  • The City Wins …
  • Q&A

A copy of the presentation is available for download below.

Additional materials from Heather after the meeting (her "attached" materials are available for download below:

From: Weldon, Heather (contact information below)

Thank you for inviting me to share the City of Seattle experience.  I’ve attached the materials that the group asked about.  Below are links to more resources.  Please feel free to simply forward this email onto anyone who will benefit.  I’m happy to be a resource, so please stay in touch!

 2012 video (5 min)  -Best video to use when marketing Supported Employment to employers:


2015 video (5 min) -Also good, just focuses a little more on one employee’s story:


Employer Spotlight:

Heather Weldon, Program Manager

Supported Employment

City of Seattle | Seattle Department of Human Resources

700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5500 | P.O. Box 34028

Seattle, WA 98124-4028

Phone: 206-684-7922