March 12, 2015, Teleconference: Relevant Happenings to Our Work and More

Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 9:00am

During our March monthly call, participants dicussed various relevant happenings to our work, and more.  Details below.  

A Chaptered Recording of the call is available at:

A chaptered recording lets you begin your listening at the start of the call, or at a particular point in the discussion.  The Chapter Listing on left-hand side of the screen at the link above is like an INDEX that cues the recording to the section you select.

(NOTE:  This chaptered recording replaces meeting notes.)

Recording Chapters:

  • Sharing (Welcome)
  • Andy and Denyse re: MOU status (CIE-MOU email address:
  • Discussion re: MOU Call on  March 23  (CIE-MOU site:
  • Tom Heinz re: SB 644
  • Denyse re: Office Occupations Clerk Position
  • Marty Omoto’s Invitation to April 9 CECY Call
  • Olivia re: Tennessee Works Visit
  • Discussion re: Using Infographics for Survey Results (see attached)  
  • Will re: Outreacher’s Family Survey Update
  • Using National Core Indicators in CA Surveys
  • Tennessee’s Focused Community Conversation Meetings
  • 8 Priority Areas Identified at Jan 29 CECY In-Person Meeting
  • Preview of April 30 CECY In-Person Meeting
  • Closing Comments

Meeting Documents (available below):

(NOTE:  There were tech difficulties showing some docs during the call)

  1. Meeting PowerPoint – MEETING AGENDA on Slide 1
  2. Tennessee Works Community Conversation Sheet
  3. Tennessee Works Family Survey Infographics
  4. (20-Month) Key Priorities Identified at Jan 29 CECY In-Person Meeting