June 12, 2014 Teleconference: CoP Presentation of Capacity Building Institute

Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 9:00am


•CoP presentation on Capacity Building Institute
•Update by Andy Mudryk, Disability Rights California and Department of Justice & Preparation of DOJ complaint
•Topic for Large Group Discussion for June 30th Meeting (Barb/Karen)
–  Review of key findings and actions in Rhode Island and Oregon
–  Opportunities, proactive steps taken by states related to
–Implications for  the state, work of CECY and its member agencies
•Vision Quest – CECY’s Focused Activity on Funding Structures for ICE
•Employment First

Chaptered videorecording for easy viewing:  https://tarjancenter-ucla.adobeconnect.com/p51j85lso40/