January 13, 2014, In-Person Meeting: Sweetwater, Taft, and Employment First

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 9:00am

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Documentation, including:

  • List of Meeting Participants
  • Olivia's "Setting the Stage for 2014" Opening Remarks
  • Sweetwater and Taft LECT Discussion/Q&A (K. Hayward, J. Filley, J. Dodson, and S. Wells)
  • Implementing California's Employment First Legislation/Group Discussion (M. Polit and O. Raynor)
  • Creating a Shared Vision:  Workgroup Planning Chart
  • Meeting Feedback/Future Meeting Input 

CECY Member Accomplishments Related to High Performing States Elements 

Workgroup Planning Chart (in WORD format for WG use and revisions; please download, revise, and send to rcflores@mednet.ucla.edu)

Meeting Pics slideshow - full size (2 mins.; 67,107 KB; takes a few seconds to appear on screen)

Meeting Pics slideshow - mini (2 mins.; 10,832 KB; takes a few seconds to appear on screen)