August 11:

Thursday, August 11, 2016 - 9:00am


Making Space for Youth and Disabilities to Receive Advocacy & Services at Independent Living Centers (ILCs)

by Christina Mills, Deputy Director, CA Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC)

PART 1 (June 9)Chaptered Recording (detailed info below):

PART 2 (Aug 11)Chaptered Recording (detailed info below):

The POWERPOINT below reflects both parts of presentation, but it was displayed during Part 2 only.

PART 1 (presented during CECY’s June 9 Monthly Call):

During this segment of Christina’s presentation, she provides a rich description of CFILC’s programs and coalitions, including a detailed description of Youth Organization (YO!) Disabled and Proud.  She was interrupted by an emergency during her description of ILC models.  After she left the call, CECY members discussed, among other things, current CECY member partnerships with ILCs. 

Recording chapters– which allow you to jump to particular points in the presentation – are:  

  • Olivia’s introduction
  • Christina’s opening comments
  • Presentation overview
  • CFILC overview
  • Ability Tools program
  • Disability Organization Network
  • Disability Access Project
  • Freedom Tech loans
  • Public Policy
  • CFILC coalitions
  • YO! Disabled & Proud
  • YO! resources & webinars
  • YO! presentations
  • YO! volunteer corps
  • YO! summer internships
  • California ILCs overview
  • What ILCs provide/ILC goals
  • ILC federal core services
  • ILCs & transition services
  • ILC models (INTERRUPTED)
  • Group discussion on ILCs
  • Current CECY partnerships with ILCs
  • Closing comments

Part 2 of this presentation took place during the August 11 CECY Monthly Call.

Ability Tools Material from Debi Silenieks

After Part 1 of the presentation, Debi Silenieks shared the “AT and Ability Tools” PowerPoint below  from a presentation during a Quarterly Meeting for the Disability Employment Initiative. That training was provided by Ability Tools and CFILC in partnership with DOR.