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  • Workgroup Reports and the CECY Product Timeline -- based on June-July Workgroup Reports -- are posted on our Workgroups page.
  • An updated CECY Consortium Roster -- post June 29 meeting -- is posted below.
  • The recordings of our June & Aug Monthly Calls with Parts 1 & 2 of Christina Mills' presentation on California ILCs is now available on our Meetings page.
  • Karen Flippo's and Barbara Brent's presentations and other information from our June 29 in-person meeting is now posted on our Meetings page.
  • 2016 CECY In-Person, Monthly, and Leads calls through September 2016 are listed on the Consortium Calendar.
  • The latest monthly PIE T.A. calls are on the PIE Calls page.
  • CECY Enews issues are here.
  • Email Rachel about agency and pertinent events that other CECY members should know about to be added to our CECY Calendar.

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CECY Strategic Directions

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CECY Strategic Map - Progress Overview

Consortium Roster

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CECY Staff:

Olivia Raynor, PhD  (310) 794-1141;
Principal Investigator and Project Director 

Katharine Hayward, PhD MPH  (408) 294-6171;
Project Evaluation 

Rachel Flores  (310) 825-3715;
Communications and Project Manager

Beth Stoffmacher  (310) 825-5054;
Community Conversations Coordinator

Mayra Perez  (310) 825-0170;
Administrative Coordinator

Tarjan Center at UCLA
760 Westwood Plaza
58-228 Semel Institute
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1759

CECY Consultants:

Catherine Campisi, PhD

Michal Clark, PhD  (661) 747-0490;

Mark Polit  (510) 206-5227;

Gina Semenza  (310) 493-1039;