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05/30/2011 Genes, autism and brain structure
05/25/2011 Autism changes molecular structure of the brain, UCLA study finds
05/24/2011 Autistic brains' 'genes differ'
04/21/2011 Dr. Drew
04/19/2011 Autism 90-Day Prevention Program
03/29/2011 CART Newsletter
02/16/2011 CART Pilot Grant funding available - applications due April 21
02/05/2011 Famed Autism Activist Visits UCLA
01/18/2011 UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment Investigator Connie Kasari, Ph.D. makes Autism Speaks Top 10 Autism Research Achievements of 2010
01/10/2011 Autism Risk Rises in Closely Spaced Pregnancies, Study Finds
01/06/2011 Neural stem cells maintain high levels of reactive oxygen species, UCLA study finds
11/22/2010 Can Joey Make a Friend?
11/03/2010 UCLA study reveals how autism-risk gene rewires the brain
11/03/2010 Autism Risk Gene May Generate a Tangle of Wiring the Brain
11/02/2010 Autism Brain Secrets Revealed by Scan
10/11/2010 CART 3rd Annual Autism Symposium - February 4th, 2011
10/11/2010 CART Autism Affinity Distinguished Lecturer Series 2010-2011
08/06/2010 More than a Feeling
07/27/2010 Unlocking the Genetic Secrets of Autism
06/09/2010 DNA scan for familial autism finds variants that disrupt gene activity in autistic kids
06/08/2010 New Study Shines Light on Autism's Possible Genetic Cause
04/23/2010 Translating the Puzzle of Autism into Treatment
04/20/2010 UCLA Part of Program Asking Families to Participate in Autism Study
02/17/2010 Autism Signs Appear after Six Months, Study Finds
01/04/2010 Researchers Identify Autism Clusters in SoCal
05/21/2009 UCLA scientists identify new gene linked to autism risk
04/28/2009 World's largest DNA scan for autism uncovers new gene variant for disorder
05/12/2008 Study uses music to explore the autistic brain's emotion processing
01/10/2008 UCLA faculty experts advisory: genes and autism
06/22/2007 Autistic Brains Can Be Trained to Recognize Visual and Vocal Cues
05/07/2007 A Frown or a Smile? Children With Autism Can't Discern
02/20/2007 Worldwide scan of autism genetic links
09/20/2006 First Evidence Found of Mirror Neuron